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25 U.S. Companies With The Happiest Employees

Business Insider broke down a list released by the job listing site Comparably of the places employees enjoy working the most. I wasn't surprised to see companies like Microsoft or Google, but I was surprised I had never heard of the Number 1 company before! Check out the Top 10 list below then click the link in the tweet to read all about each company, or click here to see the original list from Comparably.

10 - T-Mobile (telecommunications)

9 - Insight Global (staffing and recruiting)

8 - H-E-B (retail)

7 - Workfront (computer software)

6 - UiPath (computer software)

5 - Microsoft (computer software)

4 - HubSpot (Internet)

3 - Costco (retailer)

2 - LinkedIn (Internet)

1 - Zoom Video (Internet technology and services)

See, have you ever heard of Number 1? Click the link below to read more!

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