I Dressed Up as BOTH Forrest Gump & Jenny for Halloween!

About two days before Halloween, work decided to have a costume contest and my first idea was to recycle my Halloween costume from last year. My fiance and I went as Forrest Gump and Jenny, and since he has a beard and I have red gym shorts he went as "running Forrest." However, since I wouldn't be able to bring him along to work with me I decided I would just be both! I switched gears to "classic Forrest" with the all the way buttoned up shirt, khakis, and cap, and managed to cram my Jenny costume underneath so I could do a quick change! Check out the final product in the video below!

The unfortunate part of my dual costume, is that it very much requires seeing the quick change or it just looks like I put on a separate costume, ya know? The contest at work was done via voting on pictures so mine couldn't be judged in its full glory and alas, I did not win. The winners were well deserved though, and now I know what to chance for next year! Happy Halloweeeeeeen!!!!