The Sexiest Drinks to Get On a Date

The number 1 for women is actually just my drink of choice! I mean, I'm engaged so not out in the dating world anymore, but still nice to think my drink order is "sexy" ha! Where does your typical drink order fall on the list? Do you think you'll change your drink order after seeing this list? Maybe it could help you score that second date! This come from a survey done by The Frisky. Check out the list below, then click on the link in the tweet under that to read more!

Drinks for Women (in order of sexiness):

  1. Wine
  2. Specialty Cocktails
  3. Beer
  4. Well Drinks
  5. Shots

Drinks for Men (in order of sexiness):

  1. Well drinks
  2. Beer
  3. Wine
  4. Specialty Cocktails
  5. Shots

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