Jake Owen Breaks Wrist, Parodies Maren Morris "The Bones"

In his first of two posts on Instagram (the second one you'll see if you scroll down now), he explains to followers that he was teaching his daughter, Pearl, "what not to do on a skateboard" which I don't think could have been said more perfectly because he actually broke his wrist while doing it! He also went on to tell Pro Golfer Jordan Spieth that he will be okay to play a charity golf tournament with him in February, and that he'll be good to tour with Lady Antebellum by May. Right after that he posted AGAIN (see directly below) because he heard Maren Morris' song "The Bones" and felt like it was speaking directly to him! You have to check it out because is was such a spot on parody that he came up with off the top of his head and you can still tell he would sound amazing actually singing it! See them both below!