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Our Wedding!

2020 has been a crazy year, and it's only March. Hey, I'm Hemmy, and personally, 2020 immediately started off rocky. I was already feeling a lot of stress as someone who is a bit of a procrastinator and not known for my organization skills, because I had a wedding coming up two months into the new year. However, things got harder. Two weeks into January I lost my job.

I'm not gonna lie, I had a little relief knowing I would have more free time to finalize wedding plans, and at least had a severance to hold me over for a few months, but the sense of impending doom of not knowing what was next and the depression over feeling like I wasn't "good enough" at the career I loved definitely put a damper on what was supposed to be the happiest time of my life. Little did I know, everything would work out career-wise with the chance to take a more prominent position with the place that started it all for me, and that would become official about three days before my wedding!

Sadly, that sense of impending doom wasn't invalid, as we are now all being affected be a global pandemic. All this backstory is really to preface how EXTREMELY FORTUNATE I am to have so many loved ones that made my wedding so amazing, especially my husband (that is still weird to say, ha!), but I also know how lucky I am that my wedding was on February 29th, and therefore was able to take place without cancellations and postponing due to Corona Virus. To anyone who is going through that right now, if there is any way I can help, or if you just want to vent, please click through and send me a message on Instagram. I fully believe you will still get to have the wedding of your dreams too.

Now, on to our actual Wedding Day! Again, we got lucky and the weather ended up being 60 and sunny, in February! (In Missoui!!) We had planned for our ceremony to be in the gorgeous chapel at Hermann Hill Weddings in Hermann, Missouri, but with such a gorgeous forecast we were able to move it outside with just a few days notice. Since Hermann is Missouri Wine Country, and I'm a big fan of wine, that was kind of the theme of our wedding. My florist attached small arrangements to mini champagne bottles for my bridesmaids bouquets, there was a champagne toast during our ceremony, and we also did a wine box ceremony where some may have done a unity candle or something similar.

The wine box ceremony consisted of us placing a bottle of wine and letters we had written each other into a box and locking it to be opened on our first anniversary. Side note: we got married on Leap Day so that will be in four years, ha! They say at least one thing goes wrong at every wedding, and ours was that we left the bottle of wine in the truck! We quickly shut and locked the box hoping no one would notice, but you can see how hilarious we found it in the picture below!

Wine Box

I could continue to go on and on about the day, about how loved I felt, about how I wish I'd had more time to talk to every person that came, and how much I appreciate everyone who was a part of the day, but I'll just wrap up with more photos and saying thank YOU for reading and being a part of this as well!

Okay, one more thing! I ADORED our photographer, our DJ, my hair and makeup, and the beautiful venue that also covered the bar and catering, and my dress, so if you are still in the planning stages of your wedding, and it's possible for you to have it around the Hermann, MO/St. Louis area, I highly recommend clicking through to Instagram where I've tagged them so you can connect with them too!

Hemmy's Wedding

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