Home Workouts!

I am by noooo means a fitness expert. In fact, it's taken "stay at home orders" to get me to work out for the first time in weeks, if not months! So don't worry, I am not coming up with these workouts. They're just ones I've found on Instagram and tried out, so I thought you might like to try them as well.

This first one is from a YouTuber/Influencer I've followed for a long time, Whitney Simmons. I've tried a lot of her workouts, as well as her recipes, and even beauty products she's recommended. I love that she posts workouts for free on Instagram that are easy to follow, but I may even be downloading her app soon to have more consistent at home workouts to do. I thought this particular work out was clever because she uses towels to slide her feet on the floor, which I've seen other people do, but I hadn't tried until this one! Click over through the videos to see them all. I will say, the sliding hamstring curls in the second circuit was brutal for me, so good luck!

Here's another at home work out from her that she posted on YouTube so you can get an idea of what her full videos are like!

This next Fitness Influencer has just started showing up in my Explore page of Instagram so I'm not as familiar with her, but I did try this ab work out on Monday and my abs are still sore three days later! Click or swipe through her album too, to see all the moves.

If you try these, or have been following fitness accounts and doing home work outs that you love, tell me about it! Click through to my Instagram below to send me a message!

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