The Origin of the Name "Triscuit"

One man's quarantine boredom lead him to not only email Nabisco, the owner of "Triscuit", but continue to investigate when even they didn't know the story behind the unusual name! Have you ever wondered why this staple in cracker selections was called what it's called? I have never wondered, so now I feel kind of silly that it was apparently a common question. Well, no one has to wonder anymore as one man named Sage Boggs has found the answer!

His theory, as others, started out that the "tri" in "Triscuit" had to mean three. Either three ingredients, three layers, three something. But when he emailed Nabisco to ask, they said they didn't know the exact origins but they did know it had nothing to do with the number three.

Sage continued to dig and ended up finding a vintage advertisement from the very early days of Triscuits back in the early 1900s that boasted being the only "electricity baked biscuits" on the market. Did you catch that? "Electricity biscuit"..."Triscuit!"

Upon tweeting his findings, Sage got another response from Nabisco saying they had to go all the way up the ladder, but they did in fact confirm this theory! Click the link in the tweet below to read the whole story and see all of the tweets, plus scroll down to see the vintage ad!

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