I'm Half Way Through a 30 Day Yoga Challenge

So I've definitely done the thing before where I say I'm going to start making drastic health changes, like cutting out carbs or sugar, or doing an intense work out every day, but then I end up not sticking with it. I'm still striving to figure out a way to improve my health and fitness in a way that is sustainable for me, but with everything else going on in the world...aka a Global Pandemic...I didn't want to do anything that would significantly add to my stress. Since I've always heard that yoga has helped people significantly with both their mental and physical health, I decided to revisit a yoga challenge I actually tried a few years ago. I didn't stick with it then, because my schedule seemed too full to accommodate a daily commitment, but with more free time now I've been able to keep it up! This evening will be Day 16 for me!

I've posted Day 1 below if you want to try it out too! I love this instructor because she is welcoming to people at all levels of yoga skill, and always acknowledges areas that may be feeling tight or beginning to hurt right when I need that encouragement to stick with it! She also explains yoga in a way that makes you realize how much of a work out it can be, and is so much more than stretching. I've had friends, and even my husband, who have never been in to yoga but have still enjoyed her videos, so this could be worth a try for you too!