DIY Mother's Day Gifts!

Mother's Day is already a tricky holiday to shop for if you don't have an exact wish list from the Moms you're shopping for, but you typically can't go wrong with homemade gifts that show how much thought and effort you put into them. Major bonus points if those homemade gifts are actually stylish, beautiful, and look like they could be store bought, ha! I already love this DIY YouTuber because her tutorials are very beginner friendly, and this is no different. She even links the materials you will need so you can easily gather everything you need. She uses acrylic rounds to press flowers between and attach to make coasters! The cool thing about this item is that I already pressed flowers from my wedding bouquet that I wanted to figure out how to incorporate into gifts for my Mother and Mother-in-Law! The second gift idea she shows actually incorporates existing artwork from your kids, or allows you to get them involved! Check it out and see what you think, and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the moms!!