Hair Stylist Tries Viral TikTok Hair Hacks

While I still haven't personally downloaded TikTok due to quarantine boredom, but I know a lot of people who have, including this hair stylist who I follow on YouTube! She's actually tested out other hair styling methods made popular by TikTok, but this one resonated with me because it seems so simple but has such a drastic change! It involves wrapping your hair around a belt to a robe when it's wet or damp, then letting it dry over night to reveal tight uniform curls. I've actually tried similar methods before with a thick headband, and with little foam rollers I bought that I think we pitched on the show Shark Tank, but my problem is that my hair never seems to dry all the way over night. Maybe the robe belt allows for easier drying, or maybe it worked for them since they left it in throughout the day too, but either way they found it to be a success! Check out the video below to see what you think!