"Twilight" Prequel "Midnight Sun" Will Finally be Released After 12 Years

Most huge Twilight fans will know that "prequel" really isn't the right word, because this new book by author Stephenie Meyer tells the same story as her original novel, but from the point of view of Edward instead of Bella. She hinted at Midnight Sun years ago, even posting an excerpt on her website, but the release date was never promised and years passed, so most fans probably thought it was never going to happen. However, it was just announced the book will finally get it's release on August 4th of this year and is ready to pre-order now!

Kind of weird to admit that I, myself, fall into the category of one of these fans. I remember hearing that a vampire love story was becoming popular at my high school and thinking that it was not for my Harry Potter loving self... but alas, it was. Yes, I even read the aforementioned excerpt, so I plan to read the new book in the Twilight series as a self respecting 30 year old woman, and if you're into YA/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, you should too! Click the link in the tweet below to read more about it!