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Local Businesses I've Been Loving During "Lockdown"

Going out to eat is a pretty big part of my life as I do not like to cook, I love socializing, and I love trying new things I would probably never even be able to learn how to make myself. Obviously, there were worse things than not being able to go out to eat when there were "stay at home" orders in Springfield, like not being able to see loved ones, or lost jobs for one thing, PLUS, so many restaurants were able to adapt and stay open for take out orders! Here are a few that I relied on more than once during Social Distancing!

Disclaimer: There are sooooo many places I love that I either didn't go to, or wasn't able to during this time, or I didn't remember to list here, so please do not take it personally if I missed a place you love. Actually, share it with me and I will add it to my list of places to go as everything starts to open back up!

Tinga Tacos:

Tinga Tacos made it really easy to get some bomb nachos and tacos during quarantine, because their food truck was still able to operate and pulled up right in front of the radio station several times! Actually, I think you can still catch them at the old Tower Theatre at Sunshine and Glenstone most Thursdays. Their downtown location has remained open too

Country Girls Espresso:

I LOVE Country Girls Espresso! They have my favorite sandwiches of any sandwich shop, and in my opinion the best Cold Brew in town! Their specialty is Cuban coffee and sandwiches and you really can't go wrong with anything on their menu, plus Mike, the owner, and his staff have become real life friends, and since their business is based on a drive up window they were able to serve safely throughout Social Distancing orders.

Big Whiskey's

Big Whiskey's is an Ozarks staple with so many locations, and it's always been a great place to go with groups since everyone will find something they like. Since they adapted to curbside pick up and even delivery when dining rooms were shut down, I ordered from them several times over the last couple months. I also love that this month they've partnered up with Ambassadors for Children which you can see in their Instagram post above!


Haruno is always one of my go-to's for sushi takeout so of course I went there a couple times over the last couple weeks!

Also have to give special shout-outs to HyVee for their grocery pick up system, Harter House for quick place to run in and out, and Macadoodles for that drive through window. All of these places barely SCRATCH THE SURFACE of Springfield area businesses that I love, but I just wanted to give them a thanks since I leaned on them during quarantine. Please share your favorite and go-to places with me as well! Find me on Instagram (the first picture) or Twitter @get_hemmered !

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