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What Springfield's "Phase 2" May Look Like

It's already been nice knowing that Springfield is working on opening back up, and it looks like even more normalcy is to come. Phase 1 of the COVID-19 recovery plan expires May 31st – so, this past Friday, the Springfield City Council outlined a rough draft of what Phase 2 might look like. Scroll down to check out some highlights from the plan, and find the link to the full outline below!

PUBLIC GATHERINGS: Up to 50 people.

RESTAURANTS & BARS: Open with 25% occupancy limit for indoor/outdoor areas

GYMS & FITNESS CENTERS: Open with 25% occupancy limit (includes employees) per square footage measurements.

RELIGIOUS SERVICES, WEDDINGS & FUNERALS: In-person services allowed to operate with 25% of occupancy limit in place.

ENTERTAINMENT VENUES & MUSEUMS: Open with 25% occupancy limit.

SPORTS & SPORTING EVENTS: Non-contact sports/activities allowed with 25% occupancy in spectator areas. Non-contact practices of contact sports allowed with no more than 25 people coordinated in stable, separated groups.

PERSONAL CARE SERVICES: Open with 25% occupancy limit (includes employees). No square footage requirement.

Here’s a link to the entire thing: https://www.springfieldmo.gov/DocumentCenter/View/48899/Road-to-Recovery-Draft-Plan

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