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Phase 2 of Reopening Springfield Will Begin May 23

Phase 2 of reopening Springfield is starting a little sooner than anticipated. The new guidelines will go into affect beginning at 12:01 am on May 23rd and will run through June 14th. Phase 3 is anticipated to begin June 15th and run through July 5th. And Phase 4 is anticipated to run from July 6th - 23rd. Some highlights are listed below.Click here to read thefull plan.

PUBLIC GATHERINGS: Up to 50 people. This is geared more towards special events held on city streets that would require permits.

RESTAURANTS & BARS: Open with 25% occupancy limit for indoor/outdoor areas, calculate by a formula provided by the State of Missouri.No counter service or self-serve buffets.

GYMS & FITNESS CENTERS: Open with 25% occupancy limit (includes employees) per square footage measurements. Phase 3 and Phase 4 goes to 50%

RELIGIOUS SERVICES, WEDDINGS & FUNERALS: In-person services allowed to operate with 25% of occupancy limit in place.Phase 3 and Phase 4 goes to 50%

ENTERTAINMENT VENUES & MUSEUMS: Open with 25% occupancy limit.This includes movies, bowling, and gaming venues and museums.

SPORTS & SPORTING EVENTS: Non-contact sports/activities allowed with 25% occupancy in spectator areas. Non-contact practices of contact sports allowed with no more than 25 people coordinated in stable, separated groups.Contact sports are expected to begin in Phases 3 and 4 with spectator areas at 50%

PERSONAL CARE SERVICES: Open with 25% occupancy limit (includes employees). No square footage requirement.Employees are expected to wear masks if they are within 6’ of the client.

PLAYGROUNDS, POOLS, AND PARKS:Playgrounds can be open, Pools will be allowed to operate at 25% of bather load.Parks and Trails continue to be open.

CHILDCARE, CAMPS, AND PRIVATE SCHOOLS:Childcare open to groups of 25, and possibly no group size limitations in Phase 3 and 4 if the numbers are good.Day Camps are open if the primary role is childcare with stable group sizes of 25. That should continue in Phase 3 and 4.Private Schools remain closed through Phase 2 but could possibly open on June 15th when Phase 3 begins.


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