About a Third of Men Say They Have NEVER Done This simple Household Chore

We all have that one chore we despise. Okay, maybe we have several chores we despise. Cleaning the bathroom, dusting, doing laundry, none of it is fun, but the chores that you can finish in less than five minutes usually aren't that bad! That's why it surprises me that about 30% of men have never changed the bed sheets!! I really hope these men never lived alone, because ew. My husband has definitely changed the sheets for us before, and a lot of times we'll do it together because the whole fitted sheet situation can be annoying.

On a related note though...I've never cut the grass. Ever. My dad or brother did it when I was growing up, then I lived in apartments until buying a house with my now husband where he would do it because he didn't think I was capable of using the old push mower on our inclined yard. In other situations I would be irritated at someone thinking I'm not capable of something, but I was really fine with not doing it so I didn't argue, ha!

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