Luke Combs Shares New Wedding Photo

Luke Combs surprised everyone last week when he posted WEDDING PHOTOS with his now wife, Nicole! It was a surprise because everything that had been revealed previously led everyone to believe their wedding would take place later this year, and their captions sounded like they kept the group small due to Covid, and plan to celebrate with their larger circle of family and friends when coronavirus restrictions can be lifted.

When they first announced their new marriage, Luke and Nicole only shared two photos from the big day, but now he's shared a new dreamy, fairytale-esque photo of the sun setting over the ocean behind them, with the train of Nicole's dress blowing in the wind. Immediately my husband sent it to me asking if it looked familiar, because we have super similar wedding photo of us overlooking the Missouri River! Check out both below, and click through to Instagram to see more from Luke, or more of my own wedding!