Men and Women with These Names Make The Most, and Least Money

Not sure if the name you have truly affects the amount of money you earn, or if it just so happens that a lot of people with these names earn similar amounts, but either way this is what a recent study found. The men and women who earn the most money have the names as follows:

  1. Andrew and Anna
  2. Sam and Maria
  3. Alex and Laura
  4. Christopher and Helen
  5. Darren and Sarah

Of course the study also tabulated the names that have the worst success rate when it comes to income. Those names are:

  1. Dominic and Rachel
  2. Chris and Jennifer
  3. Dan and Lisa
  4. Rob and Claire
  5. Ali and Karen

It's funny to me that Chris and Christopher are on opposite ends of the spectrum considering they're really the same name. Also, while I go by Hemmy on air, my first name is Jennifer so looks like I'm doomed to little success! Does your name land on either list? Click the link in the tweet below to read more!

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