Sets from Friends, Stranger Things, and More Re-Imagined As Polly Pockets!

I was JUST having a conversation with my 7 year old niece about Polly Pockets THIS morning, and then I came across this. How funny! See, she brought a Polly Pocket over to play with before we took her to school today since her Mom and Dad had to go to work early, and I was telling her how I used to play with Polly Pockets when I was little! Apparently there's even a Polly Pocket show now? I promised her I would see if my parents still had some of my old ones at their house so she could see what mine were like, and it was quite the fun trip down memory lane.

Now it looks like I can reminisce about the past even more, because some of my favorite shows and movies from growing up are being turned into Polly Pocket style toys themselves! Monica's apartment and Central Perk from Friends for one, plus a Hobbit Hole from Lord of the Rings! They've also made versions of The Simpsons House, the hotel from The Shining, and more. A more recent show like Stranger Things is also getting a Polly Pocket makeover with the Byers' house and The Upside Down being featured. Click HERE to see even more on these "Polly Pockets" and other cool stuff from The Toy Zone!