Golden Retriever with "Birthmark" Helps Kids Embrace Their Own

I already feel obligated to like every single post on social media that includes a dog, and honestly thing all dogs are adorable whether classically or quirkily, but Enzo is def up there on the cute list! Enzo Viola, to be exact, is a golden retriever with a black splotch of fur on his face right under, and a little around, his left eye. While it's normal for lots of dogs to have splotches, it's definitely not for goldens, so it makes Enzo stand out. As his Instagram following has grown to almost 200,000 followers, the Castro family (Ezno's humans) noticed that a lot of the fans seemed to be kids with birthmarks themselves. If you want to see Enzo's adorableness yourself, click the link in the tweet below or scroll past that to see his Instagram!