Yuengling Hershey’s Chocolate Beer Sounds Delicious!

Since Yuengling is more of an east coast beer and isn't even sold in Missouri, you may not be familiar with it (assuming you're reading this because you live in Missouri like I do, of course), but I've had friends bring it back from trips so I've been able to try it. It's a pretty good standard lager, but they're bringing back a seasonal version I didn't even know they'd done before! They've partnered with Hershey's for a chocolate beer! Previously it was on available at restaurants on tap in some states, but now they'll be selling it in stores! Of course, this is still only in states where Yuengling is already sold, and it won't be available until Valentine's Day of next year but maybe by then they'll be distributing to more states. We can hope! Link in tweet below to read more!