The Creepiest Urban Legends in Every State

My interest in scary things kind of doesn't make sense. I hate horror movies, and the kind of haunted houses that only pop up around Halloween, but I love hearing "true" haunting accounts and people's personal creepy experiences, as well as so many true crime podcasts. That being said, I would have thought I would have known Missouri's biggest spooky urban legend. My first thought was the Joplin Spook Light - an orb of light seen floating along a road in Southwest Missouri, that can not be explained by other lights of reflections nearby, and has even been said to float in and out of cars the witnesses are in! You can read more about that HERE but this legend is not one that makes the list.

According the The Chive, Missouri's spookiest Urban Legend is Zombie Road. I had never heard of this, and their vague description that didn't even say where it was located sounded fake, so I did a quick Google search and it turns out it's a thing!

This was The Chive's explanation of Zombie Road: "Stories about strange deaths along the road as far back as Native American times and drownings in the nearby river made it a fun haunted spot for teenagers for decades, but many of them have perished in strange accidents, too." See? Doesn't say where, a real street name, or even the river it's nearby...Missouri has a lot of rivers, so I was surprised when the first search result that popped up showed Zombie Road as existing in Wildwood, MO. I grew up less than an hour from there! The road is actually called Lawler Ford Road and it's near the Meramec River. I'll let you read more about it for yourself HERE, but you can also click the link in the tweet below to see the rest of the creepiest urban legends in every state!