Of Course "Sexy Hand Sanitizer" Isn't the Only New "Sexy" Costume this Year

Introducing "Sexy Mail In Ballot," "Sexy Banana Bread," and "Sexy Tik Tok Ban." Yes, these are all real costumes available for purchase. I get the topical costumes are always a big hit each year, and everything gets "Sexy-fied" for Halloween, but the "Sexy" Banana Bread costume could really use some work. It's just a dress with silver on the sides, and a brown strip down the middles, with two large pictures of bananas. I get that the silver is supposed to be the pan, and the brown the bread, but I really feel like they could have taken that in a more realistic direction. At least the model is holding a mixing bowl to really drive the point home. Click the link in the tweet below to see all the costumes mentioned!