What's Your Dog's Favorite Kind of Music? Researchers May Have Found Out!

You may think your dog doesn't pay any attention to the music that is playing, but according to new research, the type of tunes they're hearing could affect their moods! The University of Glasgow in Scotland and the Scottish SPCA say that reggae and soft rock are the two genres that make pets the happiest. You can read more about that HERE or click the link in the tweet below! This may not be an entirely new concept to you because previous studies have shown that classical music can help calm dogs, but heavy metal will increase stress and anxiety. You can read more about that HERE. Will you be testing these theories out on your dog? I wouldn't mind jamming to some reggae if makes mine happy!

As with every story I post about dogs, please find several photos of my chocolate lab. Sawyer, and my golden retriever, Rigby, below!