Could This Be An Actual Hangover Cure?!

There have been so many suggested hangover cures through out the years from greasy breakfasts, to special drinks, to sleeping it off, or waiting it out, but now there is scientific evidence that there might be a universal cure! That cure? Breathing. Okay, breathing heavily and quickly, aka hyperventilating.

Apparently, scientists in Canada had two groups of test subjects consume vodka, then one group hyperventilated into a device, while the other didn't. The group that was breathing heavy metabolized the alcohol three times faster than the the normal group! I have heard of going for a run to sweat out the hangover, but maybe the people that swear by that were just breathing heavier. What do you think, will you try this out the next time you don't feel so great after and evening of adult beverages? Click the link in the tweet below to read more about it!