2020 Has Introduced a Lot of New Dating Terms

Since the weirdness of 2020 has drastically changed the dating landscape, it's no surprise that new terms are being used to describe the unusual changes we've seen this year. According to a report from the dating site Plenty of Fish, these are some of the most prominent new terms and actions among those who have been playing the field lately.

  • Apocalypsing - getting super serious with someone right away since it feels like the world is ending and this could be your last relationship.
  • Maskerading - only wearing a mask and following coronavirus precautions so you don't scare off potential matches.
  • Fauci-ing - not matching with someone who doesn't seem to be taking the coronavirus and precautions seriously.
  • Zoomlander-ing - when someone only looks at themselves instead of focusing on the person they're having a video chat date with.(Get it? Like the self obsessed Zoolander, but on Zoom. This one was the funniest to me!)
  • Tok-Blocking - spending more time on TikTok than trying to date.

I wonder if any of these terms will become lasting phrases that we use. Catfishing and ghosting have become a part of normal vocabulary, so ya never know! Click the link in the tweet to read more!