Dierks Bentley Plays Multiple Characters in New Music Video

While the song may be about someone too depressed from a break up to leave their house, Dierks' video for "Gone" gives him a chance to play several hilarious characters. Firstly, there is the sad guy in a hotel room watching tv, but on the tv he flips through multiple movies, shows, and commercials, that star, well, Dierks! There's a Full House spoof, Casablanca, MacGyver, and Drive just to name a few. I couldn't always tell if some of the clips were nods to specific titles, or just genres in general, but look for the perfume commercial where he's very Fabio-esque, or the Medieval Knight battling a dragon, or the Western shoot out! The one that made me laugh the most though, was The Office Spoof where Dierks is a very Dwight like character. Check it out below and see if you can spot all the ones that I've mentioned, or if you can identify even more!