Turns Out Dogs' Paws Are Cleaner Than Our Shoes

Having two dogs myself, I know they're still messy little creatures. Maybe they shed a bunch, maybe they drool, maybe they track things in from the yard...but the good news is that they're not tracking in any more bacteria than our shoes!! (Side note: the messiness is worth it because I love my dogs more than anything else in this world. Tied with my husband and family.)

Research from The Netherlands looked at dogs' paws and compared that to the soles of their owners' shoes, and found that dogs' paws carry less bacteria then human footwear. They even specifically looked for bacteria found in poop, and dogs had less! This is especially good news since dogs' cleanliness has been used as an argument to not let them in public spaces, and service dogs are necessary for a lot of people so they need to be allowed places. Click the link in the tweet below to read more!