America's Wish List Vacation Destinations

Maybe because a wish list is usually a hypothetical situation, I expected more locations that were not as affordable/attainable as the number one desired vacation destination in this survey from Hilton Hotels! Let me explain. My ideal vacation destination would be Europe. Yes, all of it. I want to see ancient castles and explore Ireland, then drink wine and eat pasts in Italy, and see every historical landmark I've read about and watched in movies my entire life. However, that would be quite expensive.

That's why I thought it was refreshing that the most common answer in this survey was the Grand Canyon! I have actually never been to the Grand Canyon, and would also love to visit there, but since you can drive there from almost every state (not Hawaii obvs) it feels like a more affordable vacation option to me. Granted, I have never looked into planning this and obviously the distance you would have to travel changes how much you would have to spend on gas and lodging and all of those things.

There is actually a balance of what I view as more reasonable and more fantastical travel destinations on this list. Check out the Top 10 below and then click the link in my tweet underneath that to read even more!

  1. The Grand Canyon in Arizona -- 26%
  2. The Eiffel Tower in France -- 24%
  3. Niagara Falls -- 22%
  4. The Statue of Liberty in New York City -- 21%
  5. The Colosseum in Rome -- 21%
  6. The Northern Lights in Iceland -- 20%
  7. The Las Vegas Strip -- 20%
  8. The Great Barrier Reef in Australia -- 20%
  9. The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy -- 19%
  10. The Acropolis, Greece -- 17%

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